Tria Review – How Good is it?

tria laser hair removal reviewed

Our review of the Tria home laser hair removal device

The Tria is one of the most popular laser hair removal devices on the market right now. Let’s look at some of it’s features, and performance, in detail.

Remember the Tria home laser hair removal device keeps getting updated, and new versions released. So negatives I mention in this article may have been eliminated in newer versions.

The Tria uses a pulsed diode laser which is claimed to be more powerful than the sort used in the Silk’n Sense. It works very well on pale skin with dark hair, and works ok on black skin too unlike a lot of other laser hair removal devices. Even if you have ginger hair it will work, just not as well. It may be more painful if your skin is dark because it confuses the dark pigments in the skin with hair. This could cause burns. So I would consult with a doctor before using it.

It works on other skin types by blasting the laser into your skin which then gets absorbed by the hair, destroying the follicle. Side effects such as redness and a tiny bit of swelling from the follicle are common, but this is to be expected when they are being fried by a laser! These symptoms should go after a matter of days and several weeks later your hairs should begin to weaken and fall out.

The Tria really does need patience though; don’t expect overnight results! There are several intensity settings, and obviously you should use the highest setting you can handle. It’s ok if you want to slowly build up to the highest setting. You can also use numbing cream to further reduce pain.

the new tria

The charge can last up to 20mins which is perfect really because that’s how long you should spend on a area. As I said, shorter sessions are best, but you just need more of them.

The power of the Tria obviously isn’t as high as salon treatments, but you wouldn’t expect that from such a small device. Apparently you can’t use the Tria on your face (I’ve not tried), this is odd though because it uses the same technology as other devices that you can use on your face. All other parts of your body you can use the Tria on, and they give similar results as from a clinic.

To get the same results and better, just give yourself an extra treatment. Since you own the device this won’t be a problem!

If you have had laser hair removal from a clinic the treatment outcome will be very similar in terms of performance and pain. The pain will be slightly less because of the smaller head the Tria has. This means a smaller portion is treated from each laser blast; it takes a little longer, but it’s less intense.

I find the Tria a nice and safe option; less scary than going to a clinic, the power of the systems there do make burning yourself a real risk. Also there are some horror stories where the “professionals” carrying out the treatment have had little / no training. Proper training is not always required by law in all states. So it may come down to luck whether your clinic is good or not. Id prefer not to take the risk.

You do need to keep up with giving yourself treatments, as I have discussed in the is laser hair removal permanent article, your body can repair itself and new hair can pop up. So you need to give yourself top up sessions. Luckily you only need to do this around once a year, if you were getting this done at a clinic this would be yet another expense.

If you don’t follow the protocol, you won’t get satisfactory results. You really do need to take your time with the Tria, the more effort you put in the better your results. It’s not a miracle machine. If you want fast results then maybe try waxing.

The only improvements I would like to see on the next Tria would be longer battery life. Even though it’s good to have lots of shorter sessions, i’d like the option to have a longer one. Apart from that it’s great. Reliable, powerful, safe and user friendly.

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beautyglamgirl July 25, 2012 at 11:49 pm

The tria is amazing, 100% my fav hair removal method. I tried my friends NoNo and it was no way near as good.


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